Anna Dressage
Anna Dressage
With passion for dressage horses!
”My dream is to educate horses in a way that the horse always understands what I´m asking from it. I´m continuously working on refining my riding and my way of thinking, until I am able to work with each individual horse in the best possible way.
The highest level of dressage must be when you can feel that your horse trusts you, listens to your smallest aids, fully concentrated on you, because it wants to be with you – and because it also loves to show off and do its best, in front of the crowd, together with you”

//Anna Blomgren


Tørveslettens Quattro in white, JBK Odense 2015
Anna Blomgren: Not afraid of Terror. The Add Drama Show JBK 2015
Dressage at the beach
The Mental Side of Dressage, Clinic Vorden, march 2016