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Eurofip International Equine GmbH is a company with incredible great values, they really have focus on the horse and they want to improve the life of our horses. I’m extremely grateful and honored to be sponsored by them! It has made a hugh different in how much better we now can care for our horses. My team and I are focussing on bringing young horses up to the top level in dressage sport in the best possible way for the horse. We are all learning, no one is perfect, with this sponsor ship we have the possibility to work with and learn from some of the best people in the world: Trainers, horsemen, farriers, vets, pfysios, mental trainers and amazing horse owners who are coming along on this journey. Our biggest aim is happy, healthy horses who loves to work and who are physically well developed and capable of the work asked. With this our aim is to also gain great result in the dressage sport. /Anna Blomgren

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